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On Page Optimization

Posted by yul on August 24, 2012 at 7:20 PM Comments comments (5)

Today I came across with a wonderfull content from Monto Roy talking about website on page optimization,  he clearly state the basic foundation of on page I wonder if spammers or agressive online marketer are aware of this. What I really interested with the on page aspect that he tackle is with bread crumbs.

This bread crumbs are too important that most site owners and developers often disregard specially with ecommerce site it easly point what category you are into or the product under a product, it's like a footprints of the page, and this bread crumbs also well loved by search engine since spider also follow this foot prints within pages.

There are lot of factor the blog that pin points to with respect to on page optimization I would highly recommend this to newbies or programmers developing a site that to read it and follow it, thus makes your website stand out or will make it Panda or Penguin proof or any algo update making your onine marketing life a lil bit more confident.

More about the artice here :

Why I Need to Outsource?

Posted by yul on May 22, 2012 at 9:10 PM Comments comments (1)

Do you think that SEO is like an instant coffee that when you pour it in a cup you can have that caffien all day long, well it's not. In a vast world of SEO one can not focus in one task thus daily or routine activity include copy writing, social media optimization not to mention link building and you website design. If all of these are done properly for sure visitors would flock towards your site thus making them costumers.


Imagine you have like, hmm let's say just 10 websites and you will be doing all this task every day routine don't you think you will be burned and stressed up or you can never tackle some of the websites at all, It's difficult to managed plenty of websites in a single roof under your hands. That's where outsourcing will come in.


Where to outsource?


Most often these are the basic questions that will pop up in your mind; SEO agency, individual business owners that need to accomplish the task needs someone to be reliable, dependable and accurate most of the time, thus keeping up with the speed of the online marketing atmosphere.

Businesses or Company usually outsourced their service either in India or in the Philippines, Why this places because they are cheaper in their labor compare to hire a person to work with you in an hourly rate rather than do the work in a project base, imagine the money you can save when you outsource.



Which is Better?


Over all both countries mentioned have all the talent that you want, may it be graphic designers, SEO's, Flash Developers or Virtual Assistant. It really your preference on what country you are comfortable working at and their respective time zone because India and Philippines have different time zone.


I think for the success of one's business I highly advice to outsource some of the task that can be done outside of the country or offshore that routine task. That would be to save you time and labor cost while you can still focus on other important matter.

Google want's you to hate the Penguin

Posted by yul on May 15, 2012 at 9:55 PM Comments comments (0)

So what's all the commotion all aboutwith all the SEO's all across the web laste April 24th?They all complain about drop in rankings overnight.

It's confirmed that Google updatedtheir algorithm and dubbed is as the “penguin” or simply webspam.A lot of SEO's are hit with these algoupdate, so should we panic and we can say that SEO is dead, well Ithink SEO will be dead for people that only want is to rank theirBusinesses overnight or want a decent PR to brag about sendingthousand of links all across the web in a short period of time. Ifyou are a devoted SEO's manually building links then this algorithmicupdate would be on your side.

It is said that Google is cleaning downall that artificial links and all that overused keywords, over usedyep you got it, it signal them that you are gaming their system,constant use of that anchor text over and over again, using that onyour submission, I think all they want is to give people qualityinformation, they pointed out that optimize your business for thepeople not for search engine.

Rejoice for all the SEO's out therethat are practicing the “white hat” these will be yourgeneration. All those marketeers that are selling thousands of linksovernight will be highly affected with these update. Way back then Ican't hardly cope up with those guys selling hundred or thousand oflinks to their client's; that I don't have that fancy link scrapingtools, automated submission tools to rely on. I just rely with myguts that I can build you links manually, I wont promise youovernight increase in rankings but we will do it to reach yourcustomers not overnight but for a long time.

Let's just hope that with all theadjustments that we are doing to recover with the penguin in the nextalgorithm update will be as successful as the with the first pandaupdate.