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Why I Need to Outsource?

Posted by yul on May 22, 2012 at 9:10 PM

Do you think that SEO is like an instant coffee that when you pour it in a cup you can have that caffien all day long, well it's not. In a vast world of SEO one can not focus in one task thus daily or routine activity include copy writing, social media optimization not to mention link building and you website design. If all of these are done properly for sure visitors would flock towards your site thus making them costumers.


Imagine you have like, hmm let's say just 10 websites and you will be doing all this task every day routine don't you think you will be burned and stressed up or you can never tackle some of the websites at all, It's difficult to managed plenty of websites in a single roof under your hands. That's where outsourcing will come in.


Where to outsource?


Most often these are the basic questions that will pop up in your mind; SEO agency, individual business owners that need to accomplish the task needs someone to be reliable, dependable and accurate most of the time, thus keeping up with the speed of the online marketing atmosphere.

Businesses or Company usually outsourced their service either in India or in the Philippines, Why this places because they are cheaper in their labor compare to hire a person to work with you in an hourly rate rather than do the work in a project base, imagine the money you can save when you outsource.



Which is Better?


Over all both countries mentioned have all the talent that you want, may it be graphic designers, SEO's, Flash Developers or Virtual Assistant. It really your preference on what country you are comfortable working at and their respective time zone because India and Philippines have different time zone.


I think for the success of one's business I highly advice to outsource some of the task that can be done outside of the country or offshore that routine task. That would be to save you time and labor cost while you can still focus on other important matter.

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